Argentina 2019
Poliarquía poll: Macri's approval rating grows while Cristina reaches a record high
Macri is being helped by the exchange rate stability. Meanwhile, Kirchner achieved her highest popularity since she left office.

The approval in Macri's administration went up by six points during last month, as seen in Poliarquía's final poll, to which LPO had exclusive access.

The exchange rate stability in the last month, coupled with the drop in the price of the dollar and the country risk, are the main reasons behind the improvement of the President's image, which went from 28 to 34 points in the last weeks.

At the same time, Cristina Kirchner has reached a peak in popularity, her highest since she left office in 2015.

According to the poll, Cristina reached 40 points in positive image, nearly doubling the figures from 2017. However, she still holds a high level of negative image, with 47 points and 13 in "regular image".

Macri recovered five points in positive image in the last month, but he is still stalling at 27. His negative image is higher than Cristina's: 53 percent and 19 percent in regular image, relevant figures in case of a ballotage.

Alberto Fernández, Cristina's candidate, has 33 points in positive image and 31 in negative.

Perhaps the rise in Macri's image can be explained by Roberto Lavagna's drop in popularity. He lost five points in the last month and currently holds a 25%. These figures indicate that the former Minister of Economy seems to be the latest victim of Macri's and Cristina's polarization. 

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