Who is Carlos Torres, the young economist who blew up López Obrador's relationship with his Finance Secretary
A close friend of Andy López Beltrán -the President's middle son- he is part of the inner circle of young politicians that AMLO trusts the most.

Carlos Urzúa's resignation letter left several harsh critiques. However, the most explosive, and perhaps the most harmful for AMLO's image, was the accusation of how "influential players with a clear conflict of interest" were imposing officials inside the Ministry of Finance. Who was he talking about?

Some analysts quickly thought about Urzúa's historical skirmish with businessman and AMLO's Chief of Staff Alfonso Romo, with whom he had problems during these first months of the administration, and especially during the campaign. In a quick analysis, it is easily understandable that Urzúa won every battle against the Chief of Staff. His anger comes from a different place, then.

Others pointed to Raquel Buenrostro, the Iron Lady in Finance. She was singled out by governors, secretaries, and every type of official -even Arturo Herrera himself, the new Secretary of Finance-, because she was not willing to release resources, and was called a "serial budget-cutter". Something that must be kept in mind: Urzúa placed her there, and that was precisely her role.

Mexico's Finance Secretary resigns: "Powerful players are influencing the Ministry of Finance"

Urzúa's complaint is aimed, instead, at a group of young politicians who are earning the confidence and "López Obrador's ear". A Pretorian guard of sorts that guards him from strangers, but also from his own circle. Those who have followed the politics of Argentina might remember that during her second term, former President Cristina Kirchner -who is now VP candidate- created a group of radical youngsters, who ended up forming an almost parallel government with an authority even above some ministers. It was named La Cámpora, after former Argentine President Héctor Cámpora, who, during the dictatorship, lived as a refugee in the Mexican embassy.

Be that as it may, in the economic aspect, the specific target of Urzúa's criticism is a young economist who was the one that gave the President "the other figures" he uses to confront the negative reports and statistics, even if they come from official sources. He was the one who recommended to add the welfare program Jóvenes Construyendo el Futuro to the job numbers.

When AMLO won the election, over a year ago, he swore his sons would not hold any office or be in any political activity. "Nepotism is over", he promised. Strictly speaking, he has complied. The launch of their company Chocolates Rocío -as revealed by LPO- was a public demonstration that the López Beltrán brothers would seek a career in the private sector, at least while his father is the Head of State.

Andy López Beltrán, son of AMLO

However, a small group of young politicians, very close to José Ramón, Gonzalo, and especially Andy, the most politically active of his sons, have been taking key positions inside the Government.

There are plenty of examples. Rodrigo Rojas Navarrete, grandson of PRD founder Ifigenia Martinez, and a friend of José Ramón, is the head of CONOCER, in the Secretariat of Education. Marath Bolaños, perhaps one of Andy's best friends, is a sort of political commissioner in Foreign Relations. Same as Daniel Asaf, who is in charge of the President's security. Homero Bazán in Culture. Mario Quintanilla also at Foreign Relations.

"The discomfort Carlos denounces is shared with many of us, because sometimes the President listens more to these guys than to his own Secretaries", a source complained

It is a long list, but the most striking case is Carlos Torres, an intimate friend of Andy López Beltrán. This young economist, son of a businessman from Durango, became the Cabinet Technical Secretary, a forced bridge between AMLO and his ministers.

"Since Andrés Manuel decided to exercise an itinerant Presidency, plus the time that every-day morning conferences take, and the unmovable National Security meetings, a lot of us have to report to Carlos Torres; he has become a bridge", the advisor to a Minister confirmed.

In the last few months, Carlos Torres began to fully get into economic matters, which might have created problems with Urzúa. "The discomfort Carlos denounces is shared with many of us, because sometimes the President listens more to these guys than to his own Secretaries", the same source complained. 

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