Border crossings to the U.S. down by 56%, Ebrard rules out new U.S. tariffs
The Foreign Affairs Secretary will be visiting the White House next week to present the numbers to the Trump administration.

For now, Mexico escaped the threat of U.S. tariffs. According to Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, the migratory flow from Mexico to the U.S. was reduced by 56 percent, so the government of Donald Trump would not have arguments to implement tariffs that would significantly impact Mexican imports and the economy at large.

The data will be presented by the Mexican minister in a meeting to be held next Monday at the White House. "We are proposing that the strategy was successful and we are not going to change it. I don't expect there to be a tariff threat," Ebrard said.

The deadline set by the U.S. government to evaluate the immigration strategy of Mexico will be reached next Tuesday. In June, President Trump threatened to impose tariffs on Mexican imports progressively, starting at 5%.

Since then, Mexico implemented a special program to address the growing migratory flow composed mainly of Central Americans to the U.S.

Mexico's new immigration policies leave 3,500 African migrants stranded in Chiapas

"The implementation of all the actions as a whole has brought with it a reduction in the migratory flow in the order of 56% between the beginning of June and August," Ebrard announced on Friday morning.

"This flow reduction derives from the provisions that the government has taken based on the Mexican immigration law," he said from the National Palace, highlighting the presence of the National Guard. He acknowledged that in this sense, they have had seven human rights violations complaints, but he said it is a much lower figure.

As promised by the government, Ebrard confirmed that for this strategy resources were used from the Yucatan Fund, which was renamed Fondo Mexico, with which he assured that shelters were repaired, mainly in Chiapas, as well as the migratory station in the area and other facilities for the attention of migrants. The government has already allocated another 60 billion pesos for the project. 

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