In a clear nod to Fernandez, Trump releases USD 400 million for a highway project in Argentina
The news were delivered by Ivanka Trump, who is visiting the country. The Macri administration celebrated, but the project will happen under the next government.

In a clear nod to Peronist presidential candidate Alberto Fernandez, U.S. President Donald Trump released USD 400 million to finance the highway project on the Buenos Aires-Mendoza route.

The news was announced this morning to Transport Minister Guillermo Dietrich by Ivanka Trump, daughter of the U.S. president who is visiting the country.

While the announcement was received with great enthusiasm in Macri's Casa Rosada, which has not been able to present any good news for some time, the truth is that it benefits the next government more since the project will take four more years.

"Here what must be taken into account is the strong support of the U.S. to Argentina through an unprecedented investment throughout the region," the administration said.

The funds had already been pledged at the 2018 G20 summit, but curiously enough were only approved by the Board of Directors of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) at the end of Macri's term.

The funds guarantee 80% of the investments in Corridor C, which covers the 700-kilometer route between Buenos Aires and Mendoza, except for a stretch within the province of San Luis.

The route already has 39 kilometers of highway inaugurated in the NR N°7, since the works were advancing, although at a slow pace. "Now it will be possible to open more construction fronts simultaneously and it will start with everything," an administration official told LPO.

"With these projects, we add road safety for those who travel on our routes, especially Route 7 which is a route of death, and employment is generated to build quality infrastructure and lower logistics costs that allow the growth of economies in all regions," Dietrich said. 

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