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Macri feels "deceived" by his closest advisors
The President thinks he was misinformed about his chances of winning reelection and prepares for a tough court battle in December.

 Mauricio Macri feels he was deceived by his advisors about his chances for the re-election, which is in serious jeopardy after a 15-point defeat in the primaries.

"We have been deceived," acknowledged the president himself this week. Macri always relied blindly on his Chief of Staff Marcos Peña and Jaime Durán Barba, who worshipped the polls and used them to mold the PRO leader.

The group of Peña and Durán Barba was heavily questioned inside Cambiemos after the unexpected defeat with Alberto Fernández. Surveys conducted by the government up to election day showed a competitive Macri and in some cases even close to a victory.

The departure of Durán Barba, who was thrown out of the presidential bunker on the night of the primaries by Elisa Carrió, and Peña's move to a second place, diluted in a new "political table", confirm Macri's disappointment, who is nevertheless determined to keep his Chief of Staff until the end of his mandate.

Affected by the political crisis he has been going through since his defeat, Macri has trouble sleeping and often spends hours at night watching Netflix. The President also envisions a complicated scenario for him and his officials after December. "It's going to be difficult," he admits to his inner circle. He knows that the courts accumulate more than 100 investigations that could affect him directly.

As LPO anticipated, Kirchnerism plans to thoroughly investigate the management of Transport Minister Guillermo Dietrich. But Macri and his close friend, businessman Nicolas "Nicky" Caputo, are the main targets after December if the Fernandezes win the general election. 

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