López Obrador Suggests FBI Could Participate in LeBarón Massacre Investigation
The Mexican president made it clear that he would not endorse an intervention by the U.S. Army: "War is always irrational".

The massacre of nine members of the LeBarón family on Monday opens the possibility of the participation of U.S. authorities in the investigation, since the victims had dual U.S.-Mexican nationality. This scenario, promoted by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, will be determined by the Attorney General's Office, but it has already been approved by President López Obrador.

The president explained on Wednesday morning that his administration will offer the same courtesy regarding information as the U.S. offered after the El Paso, Texas tragedy.

AMLO pointed out that cooperation on these issues is provided for in bilateral agreements with the United States, therefore there will be no limitations on providing information regarding the progress of the investigation. "If [the U.S. government] want to participate, they could do it," he said.

The possibility was suggested by Ebrard, who also confirmed that since it is a binational community, there will be open communications channels with the neighboring country.

"Just as local and federal (U.S.) authorities have done with Mexico, with this particular government, where everything we requested was not denied, that same treatment will be given," Ebrard said. He specified that the FBI or other entities could be involved, which will be determined by the Attorney General of the Republic.

Despite being in favor of this open exchange of information, the Mexican President remains in his position of refusing the military aid offered by President Donald Trump to fight drug trafficking in Mexico, although the pressure is growing.

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The same request that Trump made on Twitter was replicated later in a telephone conversation with López Obrador and the Mexican foreign minister, according to the Mexican president.

For López Obrador, the strategy suggested by the White House is not viable. "War is always irrational," he said. His words are now followed with great care from the United States, where special attention was paid to the LeBarón case.

Trump's appeal was echoed by other U.S. political and media figures, although with a much harsher tone. Republican senators Tom Cotton and Ben Sasse, for instance, said that the U.S. should intervene directly. They warned that Mexico "is approaching a failed state".

AMLO and Ebrard during a conversation with Donald Trump

The Wall Street Journal ran a harsh editorial in which it accused the Mexican government of being "incapable" of dealing with the violence, because AMLO's strategy is to surrender to the cartels. They even described the current administration security plan as "leftist mumbo-jumbo".

López Obrador assured that he respects all these positions, although he disagrees. He argues that "it is natural to defend the use of force by a sector, a group. Conservatism is very prone to that, it is a facsistoid way of thinking. They forget that violence cannot be confronted with violence. These are two different visions". In his view, the case of Culiacán brought out "that conservative thought.

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He reiterated: "We have a different vision, we believe that the most important thing is to care for everyone's life. Now there is this unfortunate event with the LeBarón family, because children lose their lives, it hurts a lot, but are we going to want to solve the problem by declaring war? This does not work in the case of our country. That [strategy] failed already".

Trump acknowledges that, in his willingness to support, he is "respectful of Mexico's sovereignty," but reaffirms: "We are sure that we are going to achieve good results," and even said that, according to official data, the homicide rate is no longer growing in the country.

That information was first provided by Security Secretary Alfonso Durazo on October 14, when he assured that there was already a "turning point" in certain criminal acts. That same week, the much-criticized operation to arrest Ovidio Guzmán, son of El Chapo, took place. 

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