Mexico prepares for a gradual opening: "If something goes wrong, we will return to the lockdown"
The country recorded a total of 4,220 deaths and 40,186 confirmed infections. Dr. López-Gatell confirmed that mining, construction and the automotive sector will be reactivated on June 1.

On Wednesday, May 13, during the afternoon press conference at the National Palace, Undersecretary Hugo Lopez-Gatell reported that the number of deaths from coronavirus in Mexico rose from 3,926 to 4,220. He also reported that there are already 40,186 confirmed cases after 38,324 were registered yesterday; of which 9,378 are confirmed active. Furthermore, he detailed that there are 24,856 suspicious cases, and 318 suspicious deaths.

Lopez-Gatell added that 83,455 negative cases have been registered. For his part, the head of the General Directorate of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía, reported that 148,497 people have been tested so far. He added that in the IRAG Network (Severe Acute Respiratory Infection), of 723 reporting hospitals, 699 (97%) submitted their report; there are 15,086 beds available and 7,924 occupied (34%).

Infections in Argentina jumped to 316 a day as the Government contemplates a return to lockdown

"Nationally, 66% of general hospital beds are available and 34% are occupied. In beds with ventilators, 72% are available and 28% occupied," added the Undersecretary of Health. He went on to say what was presented today during President López Obrador's morning press conference: the traffic light for the country's opening. "Each color at the traffic light is going to tell us what the risk is," he said.

Among other prevention measures against the pandemic under the "New Normalcy Plan", he said that basic hygiene will have to be reinforced, which "helps to reduce the risk of contracting a disease". For after June 1, new essential activities will begin, such as mining, construction and the automotive sector, as was recently approved by the General Health Council.

"Vulnerable people should not go out, stay home in the red; the elderly, pregnant women, or people with chronic illnesses that are not under control," he added. "The epidemic is not over, the virus continues to circulate around the world and there is always the risk of a resurgence," he said in a video posted on his social media.

López-Gatell said that the infection curve has flattened out and should begin to fall in the next few weeks. Although if the infection behavior returns to worrying levels, he did not rule out taking measures such as going back into lockdown again. "If something goes wrong, we'll go back," he said, referring to the real possibility of cancelling the country's opening.

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